"A few years back we began utilizing various services provided by Northwestern Mutual through our advisor Aaron Moore. It has been our pleasure to work with a very professional, knowledgeable and accomplished company and advisor.

Northwestern brings about a level of service unparalleled with others in this industry along with an unmatched track record. They are a well-balanced, comprehensive and ethical company helping to shape the financial well-being of both companies and individuals through vast experience, dedication and above all, an integrity worth acknowledging.

We're very pleased to be part of the Northwestern family and involved with the family of products that match our needs."

James E. Miller II and Becky J. Miller, Owners, Vision Investment Group

"We have been working with Aaron Moore and his Northwestern Mutual team for several years. My husband Tom and I had specific financial goals/priorities and several lingering questions as retirement neared. Our primary questions were 1) if we truly had enough money to retire, 2) what is the magic number to retire guaranteeing that our money would outlive us and, 3) what order to cash in investments knowing this would affect our taxes and estate.

After meeting and working with several financial advisors, we were amazed as to the different approaches each advisor took as well as how significantly different their projected outcomes were.  We contacted and worked with several companies until we found Aaron Moore and Jase Oakley at Northwestern Mutual. We felt their financial plan was consistent with our thought process and goals. A team we could trust.

Aaron, Jase and Northwestern Mutual have served us well. They confidently lead us to the answers of our initial questions. We now know 1) if we have enough money to retire, 2) what age/year we can comfortably retire and, 3) our investments are now better organized. Overall our finances are more manageable and simplified for a better understanding on how to best utilize our investments in retirement. 

Thank you Northwestern Mutual team for working with us to achieve our goals."

Mary Jo Bland

"Aaron and Jase have helped me with several policies and several types of coverage both personally and for our business.  In every case, I feel like they did an excellent job of explaining my options and looking at different scenarios.  They have been very prompt and thorough with everything I've needed.  They have earned my trust with their level of professionalism."

Chad Korte, President, Home Lumber Inc.

"In 2010, I had an unexpected opportunity to take early retirement. Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from Aaron to discuss retirement and financial planning. I had been referred to him by a friend at work. I made an appointment with Aaron, but I had low expectations that anything positive would result. My wife and I were retiring with a good pension, social security and a substantial 401-K. Aaron showed us areas of opportunity to enhance our retirement and plan for events that had not occurred to us.

More than 7 years later we are very satisfied with the relationship that we have developed with Aaron and his staff. We are still learning and growing together and our financial situation is stronger than we could have imagined."

Walter and Martini Vandagriff

"We have been working with Aaron Moore and Northwestern Mutual for many years. Aaron has counseled us on creating a financial plan and shared options and advice for how we might execute that plan for our retirement and elderly years, as well as how to be prepared for the stage of life we were in.

Now, as we enter those retirement and elderly years, we feel secure and are set to have the standard of living we discussed all those years ago. We have what we need to not be a burden to our children physically and economically. He counseled us on what types of insurance to buy and when it was prudent to purchase it or tweak what we had in a way that would work even better. He helped us to strategize about our annuities, pensions, and other savings to get the most and yet remain secure in our choices.

One thing Aaron never did was pressure us to do anything. We always felt we left his office with great information and often with options that we could think about and discuss and then make informed decisions when it was necessary. We really liked that he often articulated complicated financial concepts and issues into easy-to-understand talk and visuals. He answered questions and concerns with care and concern.

With all sincerity, we know we would not financially be where we are today without Aaron. We are protected as much as we can be and will have the life we hoped through his patience, guidance, and care. Without reservation, we have recommended him to our friends and family"

Christine and Paul Riley

"We began working with Northwestern Mutual after being introduced to the company through a family friend's internship program. He talked with us about our goals and we agreed at that time that we needed some life insurance. After several months passed and our relationship with the advisor at Northwestern Mutual grew, we decided to transfer "some" of our investment funds. We felt obliged to our current investment form and still didn’t feel comfortable moving all of our money. However, at the same time we were struggling with how fast the firm were currently working with was growing. We were beginning to feel they didn’t really care to help us anymore like they did in the beginning. 

Within the last year, we finally felt God was telling us it was time to reach out to our advisor at Northwestern Mutual a bit more. After talking with him and his staff, we knew without a shadow of a doubt God placed them in our life because they really do care about us and want to help us reach our goals.

It is so refreshing to know that business people can still put God first, family second and then their career and be successful in all three areas of life. We have seen that Aaron Moore and Jase Oakley and we love them both. We thank God for helping us open our eyes through these special people and have entrusted them now with all of our investments."

Craig and Karen Dickison

"As the daughter of a man who recommended Northwestern Mutual life insurance for over 70 years and then only gave up working with his clients reluctantly, I own many policies.

After my father died, we needed a new advisor and were very fortunate to be connected with Aaron Moore.  Aaron and his associate, Jase Oakley, have always made time to meet with us to discuss our financial needs and to help us better understand the insurance that we own and how best to use it at different stages of our lives.

Many people may be leery of life insurance companies as there are some which do not conduct business in an ethical manner. I learned through my father and now through Aaron that Northwestern Mutual is a unique company, one that puts clients first.

We cannot say enough good about Aaron and Jase and all the help they have provided over the years and we are confident they will continue to help us over the coming years."

Sylvia and Rich Manalis


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